PhD Student

PhD Thesis:"Modeling and control of a mini-submarine"

Advisors: J. Torres & R. Lozano


Recently autonomous underwater vehicles are currently subject of scientific investigation and it’s main development is in civil and military areas, their main applications are: searching and rescue in hazardous areas, as sensor wheatear, tracking, maintenance, detecting fails, etc.

This thesis consist in the study, development and implementation of a electronic and mechanical system that allows autonomous guidance of underwater vehicle. The results was obtained from dynamical modeling of translation and orientation for autonomous underwater vehicle that movements are in low-speed and it’s able to navigate automatically. The control of this vehicle is based on a saturated PD control law, this control is ideal for real systems because the input control to the actuators is bounded. Finally, results are presented both in simulation and the experimental results and gives a brief explanation of the design and development of the vehicle.





UnderWater Vehicles

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