MSc student

Master project: “Utilización de un sensor ultrasónico en un submarino”,

Advisor: J. Torres


The studies of UAV (underwater Autonomous Vehicle) have been a international interesting topic in the military and civil applications with grant grown actuality for develop prototypes that allow solve problems or development works that taking risk the life of human, for example: oil leaks detection in pipeline, maintaining long depth, search and rescue in zones of high risk, observation in aquiferous cloak and others.

The specific objective of this work is making underwater autonomous mini-submarine provided with efficient sensory system for processing through electronic system, thus that experimental prototype will be able to control in orientation and high before perturbations.

For the design about control strategy, it’s starts with dynamic model analysis of prototype, thus in orientation as transition and I propose to use the backstepping method, because it´s a ideal control law for real systems that input is bounded for controlling actuators.

Underwater Vehicles

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